WireGuard® plus Aman VPN—faster, more reliable VPN

WireGuard® is an ultra-efficient open source VPN protocol that runs only about 4000 lines of code (instead of the 100,000+ lines of code common to other protocols).

This means that Aman VPN is more stable and faster.

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Faster & More reliable

As a minimalist VPN protocol, WireGuard® is significantly faster and more reliable than other VPN protocols. It can greatly improve your connection speed and stability.

Open source customization

Because WireGuard® is completely open source, we customized it to fit our award-winning VPN service. Combine this with our no-logs privacy protection and let users of Aman VPN know their VPN is secure, fast, and private, with complete peace of mind.

Benefits of using a VPN

A VPN is like a security buffer that sits between your device and the website or app you visit.

Hide network traffic
Hide the real IP address
Thousands of servers
Free access to your favorite content

Common Problem

Which devices and Aman VPN apps support WireGuard®?

All clients and applications now allow Aman VPN installations to enable WireGuard®. The included Aman VPN apps are available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.

Why the WireGuard® protocol is faster than other VPN protocols?

WireGuard® deprecates the bloated codebase commonly used by other VPN protocols such as OpenVPN for a faster, leaner VPN experience.

Is the WireGuard® protocol secure?

Safety. WireGuard® uses an extremely small amount of code, which means less chance of leaks, bugs or bugs. WireGuard® uses the latest VPN encryption standards, which are more secure than older standard protocols.

What does open source mean?

Open source means that the source code of the software is open and free for anyone to inspect and analyze. Since the software is open to the public for public scrutiny, the overall security of the software is improved. Open source is extremely important when dealing with sensitive data such as personal internet data, so open source VPN protocols like WireGuard® help users trust that their sensitive data has not been mishandled.

Why is open source important?

Open source software is often considered extremely secure and trustworthy. That's because if there are security or privacy concerns, it's clear to anyone who examines the public code. When companies use open source software, the message is that they have nothing to hide. AMAN VPN is proud to be one of the few VPN services committed to open source all VPN applications, using top-notch open source VPN protocols like WireGuard®.