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The shocking online tracking kept the prisoner in custody for 17 years.

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Your roommate is following you online! For everyone, this is the worst nightmare. However, RyanS.Lin's case has pushed the example of network tracking to a new level. As far as his crimes are concerned, he has just been sentenced to more than 17 years in prison.


Lin, 25, was prosecuted in April 2018 for making malicious bomb threats, distributing child abuse pictures, computer fraud and gross identity theft, all of which were against his former roommates.

The victim and Lin moved out after living together for several months, but the threats continued. After moving away, he pretended to be a pet owner online to find a pet sitter, and finally found her. After she contacted him, he managed to get her new number.


The network tracking activity was carried out from May 2016 to October 2017 and lasted more than 17 months. During this time, he sent explicit photos of the little girl to his mother. He sent an anonymous message saying that he was going to rape or kill her (and all her friends). She also told the people she looked after that she killed their livestock and clashed with the police as a result.


These are just some crimes committed by Lin. In addition, he pretended to be a victim and sent more than 120 bomb threats to schools and homes. After hacking into her iCloud account, he made a collage of her most private videos and photos and sent it to hundreds of people, including colleagues, 13-year-old sister, parents, colleagues, etc. At the same time, he forged an account on an adult website, and several men appeared in her home-finding company.


After the attack, the victim contacted the police immediately, but it took more than 17 months for investigators to collect enough evidence to take Lin away.


Why can it last so long?

You may be wondering how this scam can last so long? He graduated in computer science, so he is very good at computers. There are several protection measures, including the use of external servers and the Tor browser. This makes Lin difficult to track down, but, like most people, he made some major mistakes that led investigators to discover him.

After Lin was fired by a software company, the FBI got his working computer and was eventually arrested. Before taking him away, the company rejected Lin's request to cancel his account.

They found:

Take part in the threat of making bombs.

Text messages received from victims, friends and relatives.

Seek evidence of the victim


Most of the computers were cleared, but the FBI was able to find enough evidence to prove that Lin was the perpetrator of the attack. Users can log in to their Gmail account, view the content on the iPhone, and even find that Mr. Lin's discussion on the use of anonymity software is displayed on Twitter.

Although Lin is very clever, he is obviously not smart enough. Although the victim will ultimately feel relieved by her painful experience, it is undeniable that these 17 months will leave scars that are difficult to heal.


Internet tracking: You will encounter this situation.

No one can avoid network tracking. He only discovered his victim after an advertisement from Craig Lister looking for a roommate. At first, Lin looked like a standing man. But the situation quickly changed, and even before the victim successfully left the home, cyber violence continued until the police intervened.


What are the different ways that victims can protect themselves? It's hard to make it clear. Even if you take all appropriate security measures online, you cannot be completely safe. The best thing you can do is to keep all your accounts confidential. When you connect to a WiFi network, use a VPN for two-factor authentication, making it difficult for an attacker to do this.


This happened in the first few months, when the attacker and the victim stood under the same roof, which is the WiFi network. This means that he can easily hack into her account. VPN can protect her from home surveillance. Subsequently, the attacker would have to rely on other methods to attack her account, such as "shoulder surfing".


Do you want to protect your online privacy and security so as not to be attacked by others? AMANVPN will encrypt your communication to ensure that your device is protected from hacker attacks and put your network security first.


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