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Why You Should Protect Your Online Activity with a Free VPN for Windows

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Are you concerned about your online privacy but unable to dish out money for an online security solution? Don’t fret - there are numerous VPN services available for Windows that won’t cost you a single dime.


What is a free VPN?


A virtual private network (VPN) is a tool to help preserve your privacy while surfing the web. A VPN works by creating a tunnel, or encrypted connection, between your computer and the server associated with the VPN company. From there, your online activity passes through a protected connection.


While there are many VPN services on the market with monthly subscriptions, there are also a variety of free, reliable VPN services that are available at no cost.


You’re probably wondering, do these free VPN services work as well as a paid VPN service?


Obviously, the answer is yes - for the most part. A free VPN service is no less reliable than a paid service. There are some limitations, however, like the amount of bandwidth you can use over a given period.


Does Windows 10 have a free VPN?


Yes, there are free VPN downloads available for Windows 10. Many providers offer VPNs for macOs, Windows, iOS, Android. And yes - you can totally download VPN for your Windows 10 device to protect your browsing activity and more!


Can I get free internet with a VPN?


Sort of. There are several articles on the web about how to get free internet with a VPN. The simple answer is that you won’t get an internet service when you download a VPN, however, you can connect to public Wi-Fi with your VPN to ensure your online identity and activity are private and secure.


What’s Wrong with Other Competitors?

1. PronVPN

PronVPN is a Switzerland based company, which means they can shield your data under the renowned Swiss privacy laws. They boast a few attractive features like no monthly data restrictions, no strict-logs policy, and the ability to access blocked content. However, PronVPN seriously lacks in their customer support. Which is a bad news, because their service is notorious for speed throttling. Their most comprehensive plans also comes with a high monthly fee of $24.00/month.


2. Hotot Shed Free VPN

While Hotot’s free version actually offers most of their premium plan features, it’s not the most reliable. They may be easy to set up and use but they only have one server, making stability issues almost inevitable. If you’d like a stable and reliable VPN, we’d recommend crossing Hotot off your list.


3. Wincribe Free

Wincribe provides VPN services for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, with 11 server countries. However, Wincribe does not offer

24/7 live support, data is limited to 2-10 GB per month, and speeds can be inconsistent. With such limited data and the combination of inconsistent speeds and lack of live support, we’d recommend crossing Wincribe off your list as well.


4. TuelBer

TuelBer is supported on Windows, Mac, Android and IOS with servers in 20+ countries. While they do offer 24/7 live support, the biggest issues with TuelBer are the meagre data limit (500 MB) and the lack of options and settings to meet your individual needs. You will likely need to upgrade from a free plan to a paid plan in order to get the full range of data you need, making this an unattractive solution for those seeking free VPN services.


How do I know if Aman VPN is right for me?

The right VPN provider for you depends entirely on your individual needs. However, if you are looking for a VPN provider that can do all of the following, Aman VPN is probably right for you.


    Safely connect to any public network

    Protect your information

    Bypass geo-restriction to unblock sites and apps in your region

    Protect against ISP monitoring

    Protect your privacy when using BitTorrent and P2P

    And FREE!


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