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How to choose the right VPN

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How to choose the right VPN

There is a lot of information to consider when comparing VPN services, but not all of it is 100% relevant to you. If you're simply looking for a VPN that performs well in all categories, check out our recommendations for the best VPNs overall.

If you use our tools to weigh up several VPNs, we want to help you make a responsible and informed buying decision. To help you do this, here is a more detailed description of the attributes included in the comparison tool.


While there are plenty of free VPNs on the market, the best VPN services cost money. Whether that cost is paid on a monthly rolling contract or a single upfront payment is up to you.

Our tool lists the free trial period (if any) for each VPN and how long the money back guarantee is. Every reputable VPN will be happy to refund you if you are not satisfied with the product, so the risk of buying a VPN is minimal.

If you don't need the full suite of features then we also recommend some trusted free VPNs.

Security and privacy

No matter why you need a VPN, you must trust it to protect the encryption and privacy of your data.

Our comparison tool keeps it simple by listing only the most important privacy and security features. You can see what type of data each VPN records, where the VPN is merged, how it encrypts data and whether it suffered any data breaches in our tests.

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