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Privacy in public

Product: Internet Security By: aman Created: (07,07,2022 at 15:39 PM)

Privacy in public places

Did you know that public Wi-Fi is anything but secure? With aman VPN, you're protected even when you connect to the Internet through a public Wi-Fi hotspot. If you're on the road, at the airport, at the local library, enjoying a latte at your favourite coffee shop, or checking your email at the mall, rest assured that aman VPN is working!

Let us help you prevent eavesdropping, data snooping and information theft in public Wi-Fi hotspots. aman VPN protects your connection by creating a security layer over all of our tunneled connections, preventing not only unethical people sitting around you from accessing your data, but also any criminal elements on the Internet. Even if someone accesses your data while you are on a public connection, our encryption will prevent him or her from decrypting your data - all he or she will see is gibberish.

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