What difference does it make surfing with or without AMANVPN?

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Surfing without AMANVPN.

When you log on to the Internet, your provider (ISP) assigns you an IP address that never leaves you, accompanies you like a license plate and easily identifies anyone coming to see you.

All your activities, your Internet habits, your shopping interests, and everything else you do on Planetinternet are traceable and can be monitored and recorded. Even worse, it can easily be assigned/linked to you - or at least to the owner using the corresponding Internet connection. So without a VPN, your ISP, your government and all the other snoops know what you're doing online.

Surf with AMANVPN

AMANVPN establishes a virtual point-to-point connection between your device and the Internet and sends your data over an encrypted tunnel. They are more important than ever.

VPN software encrypts all data packets going in and out of your device and the Internet. Encryption works by disrupting the information you transmit so that it can't be read by third parties. Without the decryption key, your data is garbled.

Trying to crack it is not a viable option either. Cracking 256-bit AES secure connections requires a very powerful computer that would take more than 3 million years.

Encryption protocols, also known as cryptographic protocols, determine the encryption method. Some VPN protocols are IKEV2 and OpenVPN. They protect your data as it travels between your gadget and your VPN server, so no one can snoop on your online activity.

You don't even have to worry about your vendor (who can't see through the encryption) or any data sniffer that tracks your IP identity. Also, it doesn't matter which Internet program you use (browser, chat application, or download program) or login.

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